Man of the Year

June 16, 2022 / no comments

Artistic Fraud’s very first musical is coming!

Based on the music and lyrics of long-time company collaborator Sean Panting, written by Artistic Director Robert Chafe, and directed by Artistic Director Emeritus Jillian Keiley, Man of the Year is currently under development at Artistic Fraud.

In 2024, Artistic Fraud held the first workshop for Man of the Year, made possible thanks to funding from Year of the Arts.

Artistic Fraud would like to thank everyone involved in the initial workshop: Sean Panting, Sarah Garton Stanley, Bob Foster, Crystal Laffoley, Andrew O’Brien, Mallory Clarke, Nicole Underhay, Jodee Richardson, Amelia Manuel, Alison Woolridge.

Stay tuned for more details as Man of the Year develops!