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A conversation with the past, and an invitation to listen. Five of Atlantic Canada’s finest writers engage with legendary Bonavista Biennale artworks that transformed our relationship to the landscape  forever. These short audio pieces, available through free located-audio phone app, provide a beautiful and wholly original way of thinking about the physical impermanence, but lasting legacy, of art.

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It is recommended to be experienced by headphones.

Knights Cove: “Wind Worship” by George Murray, in response to Reinhard Reitzenstein’s Waiting, Watching, Waiting (2017)
Featuring the voices of Dominic Arcard and Deantha Edmunds

Bonavista:  “Weskək” by shalan joudry, in response to Jordan Bennett’s Pi’tawe’k (2019)
Featuring the voices of Elizabeth Hicks and Nora Barker

Bonavista:  “Intramural” by Sharon Bala, in response to Robert Hengeveld’s passing where to (2019)
Featuring the voices of Allison Kelly, Evan Mercer, Nora Barker, Deantha Edmunds, Robert Chafe, and Elizabeth Hicks

Elliston: “The Passing” by Lisa Moore, in response to Scott Walden’s Unsettled Revisited (2017)
Featuring the voices of Allison Kelly and Evan Mercer

Maberly:  “Seafoam” by Sara Tilley, in response to Will Gill’s The Green Chair (2017)
Featuring the voice of Sara Tilley

A partnership between Artistic Fraud and the Bonavista Biennale
The Bonavista Biennale is an innovative, rural-based, public art event occurring every two years on Newfoundland’s Bonavista Peninsula. It provides a unique platform for artists and audiences to explore, engage, challenge and express ideas on societal and cultural issues through contemporary visual art.

Ephemera was supported by:
The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Cultural Economic Development Program (CEDP) provides financial support to professional arts organizations for events or projects that stimulate sustainable economic development of the province’s cultural resources.

We acknowledge the support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency/ Nous remercionsl’Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique.

Everybody Just C@lm the F#ck Down

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Known and celebrated nation-wide as a Governor General Award-winning playwright and as Artistic Director of Artistic Fraud, Robert Chafe’s newest piece also marks his triumphant return to the stage – after a 10-year hiatus – in a belated commemoration of Artistic Fraud’s 25th anniversary.

After an unexpected night in a Regina hospital emergency room, Robert can’t shake the burning question of whether he’s Tennessee Williams or Dorothy Zbornak. In Everybody Just C@lm the F#ck Down, Chafe presents a one-man stumbling folly about the aging body and mid-life anxiety.

Directed by esteemed Canadian director, and long-time Artistic Fraud collaborator, Sarah Garton Stanley, Everybody Just C@lm the F#ck Down opens at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s on Saturday, July 31 and runs until Sunday, August 8.

Tickets are available by phone only. Call the Hall at 709-753-4531 and save when you book with your bubble! Seats are limited!

Written & Performed by Robert Chafe
Dramaturged & Directed by Sarah Garton Stanley
Lighting Design by Leigh Ann Vardy
Sound & Video Design by Brian Kenny
Stage Managed by Crystal Laffoley
Production Management by Abra Whitney
Technical Direction by Sheldon Downey
Design Assistance by Julian Smith
Produced by Patrick Foran

Between Breaths

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June 5 – 19

Well known in Newfoundland as the Whale Man, Dr. Jon Lien during the course of his work pioneered techniques for rescuing whales entrapped in fishing nets. Often risking his very life in the water with the formidable and frightened animals, Dr. Lien would seek to earn their trust as much as the fishermen’s. He looked for the best way to free whales while doing as little damage to the fishing gear as possible. His efforts saved the lives of over 500 animals, and earned him the hard-won respect of the island’s fishermen. Despite his risky work, Lien’s biggest fight came at the hands of a lengthy illness, the suspected long-term result of a random highway accident. He passed away in 2010, but not before his body was slowly conquered over 8 years by a progressing immobility and dementia.

Between Breaths jumps time backwards, from the final moments of Lien’s life – in a wheelchair and dealing with brain damage – to his very first whale intervention. As his life becomes further and further confined, his mind stretches itself in memories of release and salvation. 

Between Breaths was developed with the kind assistance of the Banff Playwrights Lab, 2015. Special thanks to Brian Quirt and Jenna Rogers.