The Imaginary Real

June 16, 2022 / no comments


20 secret sites around the city. 

20 authors

1 unforgettable experience.

The Imaginary Real is a free downloadable app (for iPhone or Android) that will lead you on audio treasure hunt around St. John’s, a city you might not know as well as you think. 

20 unique and surprising stories from 20 of the city’s finest authors take shape in short audio plays listenable at discrete and poignant locations around the city. 

A woman tries to reconcile her fear of fire while living in a town that keeps burning down. 

A guide offers a tour of a city that’s been swallowed by the sea. A man discovers a set of discarded wings and tries flying away. 

Do it in a day or do it in a month. It’s on demand, so you can explore in your own time and at your own leisure. Just remember to bring your headphones!

Featuring new writing from: Andy Jones, Ayse Sule Akinturk, Azal Dosanjh, Bridget Canning, Darren Ivany, Daze Jefferies, Deantha Edmunds, Fionn Shea, Gemma Hickey, Jodee Richardson, Karen Monie, Leah Lewis, Lois Brown, Mary Walsh, Michelle Porter, Morgan Murray, Paul David Power, Shannon Webb-Campbell, Sobia Shaikh, and Vanessa Cardoso Whelan. 

Performed by: Andy Jones, Anna Stassis, Ayse Sule Akinturk, Behak Rueentan, Brad Hodder, Brian Marler, Darren Ivany, Daze Jefferies, Deantha Edmunds, Fionn Shea, Jeremy Nolan, Jodee Richarson, Lonni Patey, Mary Walsh, Mikaela Dyke, Nablia Qureshi, Paul David Power, Paul Rowe, Sarojini Lang, Shannon Webb-Campbell.

Directed by Courtney Brown, Dave Sullivan, Mallory Fisher, Santiago Guzmán, Bernardine Stapleton, and Sharon King-Campbell.

Sound Design by Chris Brookes and Rebecca Nolan

App Visual Design and Photography by Andrea Cooper

Additional Photography by Ritche Perez

Logo and Map Design by Graham Blair

Poster Design by Nadine Hodder

Curated and Dramaturged by Robert Chafe

Project coordination by Robyn Vivian

Produced by Patrick Foran and Crystal Laffoley

Created by Patrick Foran, Crystal Laffoley, Robert Chafe, Chris Brookes, Robyn Vivian, and Rebecca Nolan. 

I Forgive You

January 21, 2019 / no comments

In October 2013, Scott Jones was leaving a bar in New Glasgow Nova Scotia when he was attacked, stabbed in the back, and left paralyzed from the waist down. In the months following, his story garnered international attention, not only for its brutality, but also for Scott’s uncommonly early decision to forgive his attacker. 

I Forgive You marries Scott’s own words with a live children’s choir performing the music of legendary Icelandic band Sigur Rós, to tell a story of trauma, recovery, and the complicated path of forgiveness.

National Arts Centre


March 1 – 11, 2023

Written by Scott Jones and Robert Chafe

Dramaturgy by Sarah Garton Stanley

Directed by Jillian Keiley

Featuring Nathan Carroll, Jeff Ho, and Scott Jones

Music by Sigur Ros

Music adapted and arranged by Ingi Garðar Erlendsson

Musically Directed by Kellie Walsh

Choreography by Christopher House

Lighting Design by Bonnie Beecher

Set and Costume Design by Alison Kate Helmer

Sound Design by Don Ellis


I Forgive You is being developed with the assistance of the National Arts Centre’s National Creation Fund, Nordic Bridges, and Canadian Stage.

Official Transportation Partner of Nordic Bridges


Please be advised that this production comes with the following trigger warnings:

–  Brief sexual content (referenced)
– Homophobia
– References to death/murder
– Detailed descriptions of physical violence
– Detailed descriptions of medical trauma, medical procedures, and bodily fluids
– References to drinking and other substance use
– Strong language

Please also note that there will be special effect haze used in this production.

Although children are involved in this production, they have been specifically counselled and Artistic Fraud has worked with them and their parents to absorb the content of the show.
The production is not for young audiences.

Everybody Just C@lm the F#ck Down

January 21, 2019 / no comments

Known and celebrated nation-wide as a Governor General Award-winning playwright and as Artistic Director of Artistic Fraud, Robert Chafe’s newest piece also marks his triumphant return to the stage – after a 10-year hiatus – in a belated commemoration of Artistic Fraud’s 25th anniversary.

After an unexpected night in a Regina hospital emergency room, Robert can’t shake the burning question of whether he’s Tennessee Williams or Dorothy Zbornak. In Everybody Just C@lm the F#ck Down, Chafe presents a one-man stumbling folly about the aging body and mid-life anxiety.

Directed by esteemed Canadian director, and long-time Artistic Fraud collaborator, Sarah Garton Stanley.

Written & Performed by Robert Chafe
Dramaturged & Directed by Sarah Garton Stanley
Lighting Design by Leigh Ann Vardy
Sound & Video Design by Brian Kenny
Stage Managed by Crystal Laffoley
Production Management by Abra Whitney
Technical Direction by Sheldon Downey
Design Assistance by Julian Smith
Produced by Patrick Foran

Between Breaths

October 18, 2014 / no comments

Coming to New Brunswick
March 2023

Well known in Newfoundland as the Whale Man, Dr. Jon Lien during the course of his work pioneered techniques for rescuing whales entrapped in fishing nets. Often risking his very life in the water with the formidable and frightened animals, Dr. Lien would seek to earn their trust as much as the fishermen’s. He looked for the best way to free whales while doing as little damage to the fishing gear as possible. His efforts saved the lives of over 500 animals, and earned him the hard-won respect of the island’s fishermen. Despite his risky work, Lien’s biggest fight came at the hands of a lengthy illness, the suspected long-term result of a random highway accident. He passed away in 2010, but not before his body was slowly conquered over 8 years by a progressing immobility and dementia.

Between Breaths jumps time backwards, from the final moments of Lien’s life – in a wheelchair and dealing with brain damage – to his very first whale intervention. As his life becomes further and further confined, his mind stretches itself in memories of release and salvation. 

Between Breaths was developed with the kind assistance of the Banff Playwrights Lab, 2015. Special thanks to Brian Quirt and Jenna Rogers.