Sea Sick

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On Stage: January 20, 21, 22 at 8pm
Livestream: January 20 & 22 at 8pm

It makes up most of the planet; it “contains the switch of life.” So why do we know and care so little about the sea? Sea Sick is journalist Alanna Mitchell’s telling of her three-year, global odyssey into ocean health and science. Inspired by her international bestseller and award-winning book of the same name, Sea Sick is an intimate, humourous and chilling plea for a Darwinian-like leap forward that urges us to adapt in the face of extinction.

For tickets, call the Hall at 753-4531, or purchase online

Praise for Sea Sick

“This show is designed to hit you hard with the facts and agitate your wounds with the artistry. It
compels you to think, to act, and ultimately to heal.” – The Feminist Fringe

“a remarkable feat of storytelling and reportage” — The List

“Sea Sick is a quiet call to action, a reminder of our responsibilities, and a crucial examination of
an underexposed issue.” – The Arts Desk

“Sea Sick is a crucial lesson on climate change that we all must hear.” – The Skinny

“…a model for communicating a distressing and complex issue in an accessible and entertaining way.” – Edinburgh Guide

Winner of The 2019 Infallible Awards at Edinburg Fringe

Sea Sick Trailer from The Theatre Centre on Vimeo.


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A conversation with the past, and an invitation to listen. Five of Atlantic Canada’s finest writers engage with legendary Bonavista Biennale artworks that transformed our relationship to the landscape  forever. These short audio pieces, available through free located-audio phone app, provide a beautiful and wholly original way of thinking about the physical impermanence, but lasting legacy, of art.

Knights Cove: “Wind Worship” by George Murray, in response to Reinhard Reitzenstein’s Waiting, Watching, Waiting (2017)
Featuring the voices of Dominic Arcard and Deantha Edmunds

Bonavista:  “Weskək” by shalan joudry, in response to Jordan Bennett’s Pi’tawe’k (2019)
Featuring the voices of Elizabeth Hicks and Nora Barker

Bonavista:  “Intramural” by Sharon Bala, in response to Robert Hengeveld’s passing where to (2019)
Featuring the voices of Allison Kelly, Evan Mercer, Nora Barker, Deantha Edmunds, Robert Chafe, and Elizabeth Hicks

Elliston: “The Passing” by Lisa Moore, in response to Scott Walden’s Unsettled Revisited (2017)
Featuring the voices of Allison Kelly and Evan Mercer

Maberly:  “Seafoam” by Sara Tilley, in response to Will Gill’s The Green Chair (2017)
Featuring the voice of Sara Tilley

A partnership between Artistic Fraud and the Bonavista Biennale
The Bonavista Biennale is an innovative, rural-based, public art event occurring every two years on Newfoundland’s Bonavista Peninsula. It provides a unique platform for artists and audiences to explore, engage, challenge and express ideas on societal and cultural issues through contemporary visual art.

Ephemera was supported by:
The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Cultural Economic Development Program (CEDP) provides financial support to professional arts organizations for events or projects that stimulate sustainable economic development of the province’s cultural resources.

We acknowledge the support of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency/ Nous remercionsl’Agence de promotion économique du Canada atlantique.

The Other Side of This

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Husky Energy presents

The Other Side of This

Part treasure hunt, part radio play, a hauntingly original experience.

Artistic Fraud invites you to discover a secret city, as conjured by some of Newfoundland’s finest writers. The internal world of a diverse array of characters is brought alive inside your car in intimate short radio monologues, set against the backdrop of mystery locations around the downtown core. Buckle in and experience the city in ways you’ve never experienced it before.

Created by Robert Chafe, Patrick Foran, and Chris Brookes
Sound design by Chris Brookes
Featuring new writing from Robert Chafe, Michael Crummey, Prajwala Dixit, Nomi Fizzle, Santiago Guzmán, Elizabeth Hicks, and Bernardine Ann Teraz Stapleton.
Performed by Michael Crummey, Colin Furlong, Santiago Guzmán, Mina James, Amelia Manuel, George Robertson, and Bernardine Ann Teraz Stapleton.

What It Is

The Other Side of This is travelling adventure comprised of seven curated short radio monologues written for, and set against, specific sites around the downtown core. There are no live actors in this show

How it works

The Other Side of This plays Oct. 7-11 and 13-18 in the evening. The experience runs approximately 90 minutes.

For ease of access and traffic flow, audience start times are staggered. When purchasing a ticket, choose the date and start time that works best for you. Space is limited.

A few days after purchasing your ticket, you will be sent all the information you need to access the show, including a site map, your starting point, radio frequencies, and the order in which to proceed.

What you need

  • A car – sites are spread over a 5 km range, and your show experience will take 90 minutes. It is too far and too fast to walk.
  • An FM radio in your car.
  • Show map and info (With your ticket purchase we’ll provide you a map to print at home or you can view the map on your cell phone)

(Accessibility: Artistic Fraud is working towards an accessible online offering of the work in the near future. If for some reason you can’t take in these October presentations, please stay tuned!)


Tickets are $26 per car, and are inclusive of taxes, box office fees, and carbon offset fees.

By phone: Call the LSPU Hall Box Office at 753-4531 (weekdays, 12pm-5pm)

Between Breaths Orchestral

November 6, 2018 / no comments


Feb. 14-15, 2019

St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre

Between Breaths is Artistic Fraud’s retelling of the story of Dr. Jon Lien who pioneered techniques for rescuing whales trapped in fishing nets. It premiered in 2018 in a sold out run, and now Artistic Fraud have commissioned acclaimed composer Duane Andrews to take the incredible original score by The Once and adapt it for 30-person orchestra. The result is a beautiful soaring backdrop to one our most acclaimed shows.

The Colony of Unrequited Dreams

October 17, 2014 / no comments


Based on the classic novel by Wayne Johnson, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams is a fictionalized retelling of the story of Joseph R. Smallwood, the man who led Newfoundland into Confederation with Canada and who served at its first premier for 23 years. Smallwood’s story is anchored and propelled by one of Johnson’s most memorable creations: the fictitious Sheilagh Fielding, a caustic newspaper columnist whose own battles with the past and alcohol addiction find full vent and expression in her tireless dogging of Smallwood’s climb to power. At its heart, The Colony of Unrequieted Dreams is the story of a man whose career is buoyed and sometimes sunk by his unresolved feelings for a woman he never allowed himself to love. It is also the story of Newfoundland’s final years as a country, the end of one cultural and political trajectory and the beginning of another.

Featuring: Colin Furlong, Carmen Grant, Brian Marler, Jody Richardson, Darryl Hopkins, Steve O’Connell, Charlie Tomlinson, Paul Rowe, Alison Woolridge, and Willow Kean.

Photo Credit: Colin Furlong in The Colony of Unrequited Dreams


Oil and Water

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Oil and Water is Artistic Fraud’s theatrical retelling of the incredible true story of Lanier Phillips. Shipwrecked aboard the USS Truxtun in 1942, Mr. Phillips was the only African American survivor. What happened to this son of the racially segregated south at the hand of the nearby town of St. Lawrence forever changed his world and became a legendary story that still resonates over seventy years later.

Oil and Water features a cast of ten supreme actor/singers and an a cappella score that blends the celtic folk tradition with African American gospel.


Magic in the theatre is rare to witness and hard to describe, but that is indeed what is happening with Oil and Water… Theatre at its most imaginative.
Toronto Star
…a powerful piece of theatre with an important story. This is theatre that engages its audience for all the right reasons.
The Slotkin Letter

Photo Credit: Clint Butler, Anderson Ryan Allen, and Mike Payette in Oil and Water


Salvage: Story of a House

October 16, 2014 / no comments

Salvage was our second of three collaborations with novelist and poet Michael Crummey. Based on his book of poetry, Salvage, our stage production was about what inhabits the places we live, the worlds we move in to when we move into a house, the generations who have been here before us.

We staged the original production in a large heritage home, Angel House, in old St. John’s, each room in the mansion hosting a character who once lived there. The audience is divided into ten different groups, the largest of which has seven audience members. Each audience member sees each room and meets each character. The audience groups follow a detailed map of the house for the order in which they see each separate story and the actors travel the rooms of the house creating a vibrant living home full of ghosts and memories.

Salvage opened at Angel House in St. John’s in October of 2003, and later ran for the full summer at the Commissariat House in St. John’s and the Pickersgill House in Salvage, on the Eastport Peninsula.

Photo Credit: Andy Jones in Salvage: The Story of a House.


Belly Up

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Funny and poignant exploration of fear, loneliness and responsibility: Belly Up.

A blind man is terrified of leaving his home. But he has a little mouth to feed, and he is quickly running out of fish food. Digital video and an original score play backdrop to this one-man audio visual feast.

Playwright/actor Robert Chafe performs the entire play matching a pre-recorded mirror- image video of himself, in an interplay between stage and screen of unprecedented precision. In Artistic Fraud’s signature style, Belly Up is a quickly paced, beautiful and compelling story with powerful sound and visuals.

Photo Credit: Robert Chafe in Belly Up.


Fear of Flight

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Fear of Flight is a movement and music spectacle that traces fourteen nervous passengers on a bumpy transcontinental flight. An otherwise tough teen faces her first flight on a plane to visit her dying mother in Florida. A woman departs on her honeymoon despite her husband having died before the ceremony. A businessman rehearses for the most important meeting of his life: his first introduction to his three year old son.

Combining choral text and movement and a ensemble of singing travelers, Fear of Flight marked a return for Artistic Fraud to the large scale music performances that defined the beginnings of the company (Under Wraps; In Your Dreams, Freud; and The Cheat). The show, much like the flight within it, is a trans-Canadian affair with two of the nation’s most lauded and prominent playwrights: Daniel MacIvor, Judith Thompson, Denise Clarke, Marie Clements, David Yee, Bryden MacDonald, Guillermo Verdecchia, and Berni Stapleton.

…as beautifully put together as Italian luggage…
it took me a while to come down after seeing Fear of Flight.
The Georgia Straight
…a soaring success… an uplifting experience.
Vancouver Sun


Photo Credit: Melissa Mansfield, Phil Churchill, Andrew Dale, Michael Peddle, Phillip Goodridge, Petrina Bromley, Christine Brubaker, Rebecca Russell, Brad Hodder, Vicki Harnett, Julia Halfyard, Sandy Gow, Jovanni Sy, Anna Stassis in Fear of Flight.



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An accidental electrocution and an unexpectedly forged family. These two seemingly disconnected events intertwine to tell a story of connectivity and belonging in Afterimage, based on the short story by lauded poet and novelist Michael Crummey (River Thieves, The Wreckage, Galore, and Sweetland).

Lise Lacouer is an outcast because of her gift for seeing the future. But it is this gift that lets her see beyond Winston Evans’ disfiguring scars and fall in love. Years later, their children, Theresa and Jerome, have inherited Lise’s gift and must struggle to find their own place within the community. But for Leo, their perfectly normal middle child, the struggle is the growing the chasm between himself and his peculiar family. While familial tensions mount and secrets are revealed, the Evans family come to see the monumental effect even the smallest spark can create.

A multi-tasking cast of eight tell the story on a copper stage literally flowing with live electricity. Crummey’s original narrative hums with danger and possibility, much like the world on which Artistic Fraud’s retelling unfolds.


You won’t find a more charged production… high wattage theatre.
Now Magazine


…relentlessly inventive… creepy and compelling.
The Globe and Mail


Photo Credit: Phil Churchill, Mary Colin Chisholm, Christian Murray, Melanie Brooks, Kevin Woolridge, and Colin Furlong in Afterimage.


Under Wraps

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Who could have predicted finding love in a furniture store, or finding it with an unemployed lifeguard? But despite their immediate connection, Mark isn’t sure if David is gay. Mark isn’t even sure if Mark is gay. As he falls deeper in love, Mark works desperately to make David nothing more than a friend and to make that enough. Tracking one man’s quest to finally love himself and let it all out,

Under Wraps plays out atop a giant billowing parachute cloth, while underneath a chorus of 14 people shape shift and sing.

Originally produced in 1997, Under Wraps is the show that put Artistic Fraud on the map, playing three sold out runs in St. John’s and touring to Halifax, Calgary, Banff and Vancouver.



…a note perfect piece of pure pleasure…
Vancouver Sun
Is this a rave review? Yes it is! Should you see this show? Yes you should!
The Telegram

Photo Credit: Ron Klappholz, Greg Gale in Under Wraps


Emile’s Dream

October 14, 2014 / no comments

Legendary Newfoundland fiddler and storyteller Emile Benoit was a figurehead for the Newfoundland folk renaissance, contributing over 150 distinctly original fiddle compositions, and his seemingly endless catalogue of fantastical stories of English, Irish, and French origins.

Originally commissioned by and co-produced at the Stephenville Theatre Festival as Vive La Rose, Emile’s Dream is a lively theatrical and musical tribute to a true Newfoundland legend.  Benoit was a character of mythic proportions while he was alive, and still now, fifteen years after his death.  Emile`s Dream is as alive and unpredictable as the man himself, with three actor/fiddlers trading off Emile’s words and music in a kinetic verbal and musical juggling act.  Kelly Russell, once a protégé of Emile himself, leads the group of three that also includes Daniel Payne and Phil Churchill.  Emile’s Dream is a must see for any and all with an interest in the music, stories, and French culture of Newfoundland, and for those who love a lively story and a night of great tunes.


Photo Credit: Phil Churchill, Daniel Payne, Kelly Russell in Emile’s Dream.